News headline 1 : : The UAE's Ministry of Finance has listed out a number of entities that are not required to register for Corporate Tax. News headline 2 : : The ministerial decision on the Exception from Tax Registration will apply to government and government-controlled entities, extractive businesses, and non-extractive natural resource businesses. News headline 3 : : Additionally, a non-resident person will not be required to register for Corporate Tax if they earn only UAE-sourced income and do not have a Permanent Establishment in the UAE. News headline 4 : : Meanwhile, federal government, UAE government departments and authorities, and other public institutions, do not require to register under Federal Tax Authority as long as they continue to meet the conditions for tax exemption. News headline 5 : : Federal Tax Authority ramps up its efforts by expanding inspection visits by 104% in six months. News headline 6 : : Dubai Financial Services Authority Introduces Whistleblowing Regime News headline 7 : : Big update on UAE Corporate Tax. News headline 8 : : Regular Auditing and maintaining accounts have a greater contribution towards the successful running of a business. The lack of proper books of accounts and regular auditing often results in the business owners continuing to run the venture with the impression that it is going on profitably, while it might be running in loss. The realization comes late and the resultant damages are often irreplaceable. This is where a pragmatic approach to External Auditing services in UAE becomes inevitable. Every business needs the service of professionally qualified and experienced External Auditors in UAE to look into their accounting activities.


VAT Registration in UAE

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VAT (Value Added Tax) is a goods and services tax that eventually raises the cost of a particular product or service. It is a type of indirect tax which is imposed on every stage of production. It is levied on the goods and services starting from raw material to the final product finally ready to be delivered in the market.

Talking about UAE, VAT had been introduced on January 1, 2018. The rate of Value Added Tax in Dubai is 5 percent currently which will help the UAE government to generate extra income to further utilize it in improving public services.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while the VAT registration process. These are discussed below.

A brief discussion on the documentation for VAT registration in UAE

  • Business trade License or copies of Commercial License
  • Passport copies of the partners or owner of the company mentioned on the License
  • Emirates ID of the owner or partners of Company
  • The company’s address and contact details
  • The company’s Memorandum of Association
  • The bank details of the company
  • The contact details of the business owner
  • The company’s income statement for the previous year
  • The business’ experience

VAT Registration in UAE

VAT registration in UAE

Please note that the VAT registration process is available online and the submission of the above-mentioned documents will be initiated through the FTA’s online portal.

Talking about VAT in UAE, there is a certain criterion for VAT in which a business must register for VAT if the taxable supplies and imports of the business exceed AED 375,000 per year. The Dubai government has made it optional for VAT registration if the businesses exceed AED 187,500 per annum. So do remember that if your business is not exceeding the criteria of AED 375,000 then you don’t have to register for Value Added Tax in Dubai.

Continuous VAT registration

No matter if you are starting a business; VAT registration in UAE is a continuous process. So once you are in the bracket for VAT registration in UAE, you will have to abide by the rules and follow this continuous process.

The tax registration number is important to pursue business transactions

The business can start with the transactions as soon as it gets a TRN (tax registration number). If you are using the FTA website in Dubai then this TRN will act as a verifiable. Please remember that the VAT registration certificate is not important for trade or a business as the TRN will serve the purpose.

Remember that unregistered businesses are NOT ALLOWED to have their goods be levied with tax

Another important point to be noted and remembered is that in Dubai if your business is not registered with FTA, you will not be allowed to have your goods and services taxed. It will not be of any benefit for you because eventually, you will have to pay taxes on the imported goods. There are heavy fines if any company violates this as per VAT laws of UAE. Therefore, it is economical and advisable for all the businesses in the UAE to get registered with FTA and take the benefits for VAT registration.

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