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Accounting plays a vital role in the growth of any organization. Be it a start-up or a well-established business entity every enterprise requires a solution for it.

Accounting services include a wide range of services. These are because of the multiple sub-categories which are discovered under accounting.

One of such categories includes tax accounting. The term ‘tax accounting’ means the accounting done for taxation. It has specific guidelines followed by individuals or any organization helping in filing a tax return.

It deals with the preparation, analysis as well as presentation of tax returns and tax payments. It is also known as cash-based accounting. The tax laws vary from country to country.

VAT Registration

UAE Federal Tax Authority and Tax Accounting in UAE Standards set by the UAE Federal Tax Authority and Tax Accounting in UAE deal with accounting. It is set as per the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

After the introduction of the taxation system by the Federal Tax Authority ( FTA), UAE has been carried out to diversify regional economies and expand its business reach globally.

Tax accounting has captured the global market. The international market knows the importance of tax accounting. This is one of the core reasons why Chartered accountants in Dubai have grown massively. Tax accountants have also been growing at a very fast pace.

The Federal Tax Authority UAE 2017 has taken a step toward initiating the registration process extended for tax agents as well as tax accounting software vendors in the Emirate.

VAT Registration

Importance of Tax Accounting

Till now we have witnessed and undergone the basic concepts of tax accounting. Payment of tax is a compulsion for any business. Even a minor fault can result in a fatal business loss.

Tax accounting is required for the tax domain which is required for individuals as well as for different businesses.

Now, let’s comprehend the significance of availing of tax accounting and the reason for tremendous growth:

  • ● International taxation
  • ● Economic taxation
  • ● Transfer pricing
  • ● Complete control over budgets
  • ● Provides a true picture of profit and loss
  • ● Enables faster decision making

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