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VAT Consultants in Dubai

We have the taxation experts who are able to perform all your VAT assessments and intend to make sure your business is structured in such a manner to become more tax-efficient. We analyze it according to the Federal Tax Authorities (FTA) by providing the best tax consultant in Dubai. We all are aware of the fact that every business needs maintaining a book of accounts. And maintaining VAT needs top-notch services from VAT consultants in Dubai. Hence, every business needs the best VAT as well as a tax consultant in Dubai. Moreover, there is a need for auditing all the financial statements for the purpose of tax services provided by a tax consultant in Dubai. So, BSD Prime is here to help you with VAT consultants in Dubai to manage all of your VAT and taxation.

We, at BSD Prime Account & Bookkeeping Services, implement the plan execute the audit assignment with a professional approach by the most experienced VAT consultants in Dubai.


How our VAT consultants in Dubai help you be ready for VAT?

BSD Prime had an amazing team of specialists and offers the best tax consultant in Dubai who helps you to structure your business. We make sure your company does not have to face any hurdles regarding the compliances. Hence, we assure your company to be free from such kind of penalties incurred due to not having proper compliance. Our teams of VAT consultants in Dubai works to help you get acquainted with certain changes and the possible challenges that you might have to face while implementing VAT and other taxes without the expertise of tax consultant in Dubai. Moreover, your company is assigned to a tax consultant in Dubai who is dedicated to looking into the various updates and developments concerning the legislation. We have the most skilled and professional tax consultant in Dubai.

What makes BSD Prime a Reliable Tax Consultant in UAE?

Planning and evaluation

We make sure to review all the important documents that might include your existing contracts. We do the proper incorporation of VAT clauses not only in the new contracts but also in the existing ones. Hence, we evaluate and plan. Moreover, we offer the best tax consultant in Dubai tailored to your business.

Compliance and Implementation

We do provide a proper VAT registration as well as filing for your VAT returns. BSD Prime performs a better alignment of compliance practices along with VAT necessities fulfilled by one of the best VAT consultants in Dubai. Moreover, you can go for taking consultancy from our tax consultant in Dubai for your tax related queries.

Design, train and develop

We develop, assist and advise in providing a better structure to your supply chains, transactions and many more. We make sure to bring change that is crucial and necessary. Moreover, we build a technologically advanced system that offers impeccable services for all your business needs.

How do our VAT consultants in Dubai prepare for VAT?

Preparing VAT is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a high level of expertise to perfectly implement it while embracing the complex VAT rules. For this, we have an amazing VAT team that will assist you in every stage of the ongoing.

Implementation of VAT

We maintain a sophisticated accounting system and implement VAT rules. Moreover, for SMEs that are larger, we assist your finance team by implementing VAT.

  • 1. We provide the assistance of VAT registration by one of the best VAT consultants in Dubai.
  • 2. Analyzing and identifying how VAT has put an impact on your company.
  • 3. Analyzing the accounting necessities and IT system favourable for the VAT consultants in Dubai.
  • 4. Filing and analyzing the VAT returns offered by the impeccable VAT consultants in Dubai.
  • 5. Providing assistance to claim VAT refunds.

We, at BSD Prime Account & Bookkeeping Services, offer an unmatchable solution by providing all your VAT and tax services from the skilled tax consultant in Dubai. We embrace perfection and make sure our organization works as a one-stop solution to all of your VAT and tax regarding services. We are proud to have a team of excellent VAT consultants in Dubai that offer hassle-free services with a sophisticated accounting system with robust software and IT system. For all the services regarding the taxes, we provide a dedicated tax consultant in Dubai that will look after all of

your transactions and make your business tax-efficient. For this, we offer the most skilled and experienced tax consultant in Dubai.

  • If you are starting up a new business in the UAE and seeking VAT registration
  • If you own a company in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi and want to ensure you comply with the tax and VAT regulation
  • VAT registration for any scale of business
  • Managing VAT Bookkeeping
  • Training and Assistance of your staff on VAT
  • Evaluation and Financial analysis of value-added tax on your business

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