Be careful while applying for TRN No.

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There are many reasons for not to get the TRN no. when you apply for as a business or an individual as there are very strict guidelines to get registered for VAT.

The Arabic translation of the trading name must match one hundred percent with the name on the trade license, as this is one of the main reasons that the registration gets refused to obtain TRN.

Second one is also the Arabic translation of the partner/manager name from English to Arabic. This also must as per their Emirates ID. Around thirty percent registration application for TRN gets delayed because of this.

Recently, bank details submission have been made mandatory for the business or individual at the time of filling application of registration for VAT to get the TRN.

In case of insufficient information, there are many chances that application for the registration will get rejected or Federal tax authority will ask for more information, resulting delay in getting TRN.

The all above can be avoid by contacting BSD Prime Account & Bookkeeping Services who are having dedicated expertise in this area and will get this done withing 20 working days as per the Federal Tax Authority guideline

Be careful while applying for TRN No.