You should know List of Items Taxed or Exempted under VAT in UAE

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Simple VAT effect on UAE resident and tourist not just the individual or business which are registered This is the list of that shows which house holds falls in the category of standard rate (5%) Value added tax or zero rate.

List of Items Taxed or Exempted under VAT


Category Vat Rate
Air travel 0%
Basic/Preventive surgery 0%
Exam fees 0%
Fuel 0%
House rent 0%
Medical fees 0%
Medicines 0%
Public school books 0%
School fees 0%


Category Vat Rate
Car 5%
Car rental 5%
Commercial rent 5%
Eating out 5%
Electronics 5%
Entertainment 5%
Grocery 5%
Hotel fees 5%
Insurance (Health/Auto) 5%
Jewellery 5%
Plastic surgery 5%
Private school books 5%
School uniform 5%
Smartphones 5%
Tenancy contract registration 5%
Watches 5%
Water + Electricity (Utilities) 5%

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